1. Heel first on a front kick, dear.

  2. She must spray a pretty potent dandelion killer. Look how perfect that grass is.

  3. ChickenHawk

    Gross, her ball popped out…

  4. catapostrophe

    She’s really airing out her grievance.

  5. Cock Dr

    This is the face of a woman giving herself a bad bad wedgie.

  6. GuyLeDouche

    No-one withstands the queef of death!

  7. Hey, it’s Bruce Lee’s cousin, Jennifer Nicole Ug Lee.

  8. MOVE: Ninja Turtle Dougie

  9. mbcl

    “dam it. another hole in my socks !!”

  10. Patch

    now THAT is a ninja boot

  11. Colostomy Bag

    Whatever her shortcomings, I gotta respect a woman with that kind of midrift.

  12. Crissy

    You guys really think she looks ugly? I think she looks amazing! Now, she looks a little nuts, but looks great!

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