1. WTF with those meth pipe burns on her back?

  2. Come to Germany! Our streetwalkers are nearly Hep C free!

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Beer guts are so sexy.

  4. CK

    (checks herp-o-meter) “Yup. Herpies.”

  5. Dick Hell

    Still hot if you don’t look directly at her.

  6. Johnny P!

    Her breasts and gunt are in line with each other.
    Sooo… breast reduction, or record-breaking “muffin top”?
    You decide.

  7. MarkM

    I can’t believe I have to hold my own face back!

  8. So I wonder if that guy’s Disease Warning App is beeping right now?

  9. Batman

    She’s the only woman required by law to have a Biohazard sign stitched on to her panties.

  10. Cock Dr

    I wonder if the answer to her bankruptcy problems is in Germany.
    Good luck Pam….I think you need it now more than ever.

    • This sounds like a math question.

      “Given that X is the going rate in Euros for a blowjob, and the exchange rate is 1 Euro = 1.31USD, and the average length of a German penis is 5.6″, how many miles of cock will Pam Anderson have to smoke to pay off her $525,000USD in back taxes?”

  11. Grand Poobah

    what a sexy look, the belly sticks out way farther than her tits! Pretty soon her cleavage is going to be around her belly button. EWW

  12. Hepatitis C comes in Yellow?

  13. nelle

    Oh. So that’s how 45 year old women are dressing these days.

  14. “It’s called a litmus dress. If it turns yellow, then…oh my god. It’s happening. Call the CDC. NOW!”

  15. Grand Poobah

    hit the gym girl (not every guy in the gym) and tighten it up a ton !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Mr. Gorbachev…quick! Put the wall back up!

  17. All of you are assholes. ESP gran poobah, when/if you even make it to 45 ……pls.

  18. ihatemosteveryone

    That guy is texting someone: “I think I just caught Hep C”

  19. Crissy

    Considering the fact that her boobs are like double D’s, that is one big muthafucking gut! Damn!

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