1. Sheppy

    If that’s the Pilates ball she uses, I wonder what her dildos look like.

  2. Frank Burns

    She might be enjoying that too much . . or not enough . . I can’t tell.

  3. Masturbation is a martial art now? Where’s my black belt, bitches?!?

  4. bigbadvoodoodaddy

    That face scares me and those fake boobs look like garbage… but that ass look delicious! I would lick the sweat running down her ass crack all day..and maybe tickle her taint with my tongue! W00T!

  5. Urchin sex is the best sex.

  6. Grand Poobah

    She prefers the same style of condoms too I have heard…

  7. Sheppy

    It is a super nice ass though.

  8. The Brown Streak

    Hooters and the Blowfish

  9. Every dude with an aquarium just got a raging hard-on.

  10. mbcl

    lesson 12: how to defend yourself from a prickly pear

  11. Cock Dr

    Forget measly quarters….I’m confident that you could bounce a brick off those buttocks.

  12. I’m still trying to figure out what the leg warmers are for. Is she auditioning for some silly XXX Mortal Kombat meets Flashdance-type role?

  13. cc

    I could easily occupy myself for hours a day with her and that ball. Imagine looking at her ass in exactly the same position but naked.

  14. bitsplz

    what an asshole

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