1. dontkillthemessenger

    If Stalin was still alive, someone would have a 1 way ticket to Siberia.

  2. Scottish Iron Man

  3. Dick Hell

    You gotta love the Pee-Wee Herman fashion line.

  4. Great White Pygmy

    They let him keep the motion capture suit, how nice of them.

  5. This guy is well on his way to going full Johnny Depp-tard.

  6. kimmykimkim

    Ok, you can wear that shit but only because you’re Robert Downey, Jr.

  7. Swearin

    Oh, so they found the next Doctor Who already?

  8. Johnny P!

    Remember when the ‘young set’ in the 80′s thought it was cool to wear suits with sneakers/runners to awards shows?
    Yeah, that.

  9. Batman

    More like “Irony Man”, amirite?

  10. Cock Dr

    Robert can wear whatever damned shoes he likes….I won’t even raise an eyebrow.

  11. catapostrophe

    Small feet much?

  12. Jonesy

    This only goes to prove my theory that old dudes should not try to dress like young dudes.

  13. pope

    an how many girl friends do all you have put together? …

  14. Cuss turd

    The sixth member of One Direction Heroiny Holmes enters the stage.

  15. Roberts Downsyndrome Jr.

  16. disillusionisreal

    I want those shoes!

  17. El Jefe

    He has got to be bi or a closet or not so closet homosexual.

  18. Bigalkie

    Elevator tennis shoes. This guy is delusional

  19. This is one of his camouflage suits from Sherlock Holmes, isn’t it?

  20. In Soviet Russia, bad outfit picks YOU!

  21. Kat

    From the angle of his ankle, I’d say there’s at least a 2″ heel in those shoes.

  22. tlmck

    They say addicts often replace drugs with another habit. I think he needs to go back to the drugs.

  23. 765lk

    He’s the only one who can get away with this outfit even at the premiere of a movie based on comic book heroes.

  24. Nobody

    La Roux wants her shoes back, damnit!

  25. CPT Mike

    Mr. Downey, the bowling alley would like those shoes back by midnight.

  26. pervydoll

    Where did he left his ventriloquist?

  27. Grand Poobah

    Looks like he is more “no-iron” man now with that suit on

  28. EricLr

    Well, looks like he’s back on the heroin again.

  29. Haters gonna hate.

  30. Pee Wee’s big comeback

  31. Psycobiff

    This is Justin Beiber when he grows up.

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