1. Could I *BE* any more derp?

  2. ScotlandThe Brave

    Girls in background don’t seem convinced it’s him.

  3. Well, if I can’t be funny, at least I can look funny.

  4. Andy Dick must have eaten all his kids.

  5. Buddy The Elf

    “I just made a Poopy in my pants.”

  6. cube gleamer

    Small tongue, big gut, no thanks.

  7. New name: Beer gut, no neck.

  8. Donkeydog

    If you can catch flies with your tongue, hey go for it.

  9. sc4play

    I was sure this was another shot of Andy Dick, given how many we’ve had reently!

  10. “Thought Bubble: That’s the last time I perform cunnilingus on the entire UCLA cheerleading squad without a break!”

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