1. Mohambi Johnson

    Apparently Coolio was on his way to a video shoot for the immensely popular 90′s hit “Me so horny.”

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    I believe his defense argument at the trial is going to be, “Do I really look like I could have a girlfriend?”

  3. Frank Burns

    M-I-C, K-E-Y, A-B-U-S-E

  4. I suddenly feel better about my receding hairline…

  5. SIN

    Looks more like a Foolio

  6. Here’s a guy who really looks like he’s got his act together.

  7. meeps!

    Stay classy Coolio!

  8. Your eyes say “guilty.” But your hair says “EXTREMELY guilty!”

  9. Joe Blow

    My favorite black martian.

  10. wq

    oh wow i saw him with her at PH on the Sunday morning with him wearing that same shirt. what a coincidence

  11. yourmom

    Whoa, I think he’s crying…. did Chris Brown cry?

  12. jennablon

    Shrek the live version?

  13. cc


  14. Jentilly

    Looks like handles for prison time…

  15. Coolio, the unhappy giraffe.

  16. Did he allegedly push his girlfriend down and punch her in the face before or after she cut his hair?

  17. Jenn

    Me so homely me hit you long time.

  18. “…living in Amish paradise.”

  19. Not fair! They got him before he could put on the rest of his giraffe costume, of course it’s going to look stupid.

  20. sc4pay

    I was thinking this was Darth Maul’s ghetto brother. My bad.

  21. I can’t even fathom how an adult human being, a MALE at that, could walk around in public looking like that. Well, wait! Maybe I just answered my own question.

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