1. B&WMinstrel

    All that’s missing is a drunk kangaroo

  2. . . . many facelifts ago. Doesn’t look like her.

  3. That’s too lifelike to look like her

  4. ThisWillHurt

    If you think this looks exactly like Nicole Kidman herself, it’s because they used actual plastic from her face to make this figure look so un-life-like.

  5. poopy

    I was actually going to say she doesn’t look so rigid anymore. Oh my god. A statue looks more real than her actual face. Sad.

  6. I presume that was based on her appearance 15 years ago.

  7. she looks good and I dont think shes had a facelift…botox for sure, but her eyes would be pulled back a la kardashian if she had a lift.

  8. GuestJudy

    We’re sure this is wax, right?

  9. Buddy The Elf

    That’s a seriously gorgeous wax face.
    How long before it’s some new Hollywood Beauty secret, getting ‘waxed?’

  10. Looks more like Naomi Watts with red hair.

  11. It looks nothing like her…too lifelike.

  12. This doesn’t look like any era Kidman to me.

  13. I doubt Tom Cruise had sex with that either.

  14. Looks like how I envision the first working sex robot to be.

  15. Can I… uh… borrow this for few hours?

  16. I don’t think she ever looked like that. I think it might be a multi-purpose Kidman/Fisher-Cohen/Watts figure. Or maybe just a shop window mannequin.

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