1. alex

    what a fucking scumbag this guy turned out to be.

  2. PJ Bandit

    - Handjob! Do you know it?
    - Dad?!
    - Not now son!!

  3. Joe Blow

    “No, honest, I’m one of the guys who put the stage together. Now, if you wanna get me to maybe let you slip backstage….”

  4. Someone should be polite and tell them that there might be Mexicans there.

  5. Buddy The Elf

    Aren’t there any showers in Beverly Hills??

  6. cube gleamer

    Yep, that’s Spicoli alright.

  7. “I’m a douchebag?… I’M A DOUCHEBAG?!!!”

  8. “If you tell him to pull up his pants ONE MORE TIME, I’m going to punch you right in the face.”

  9. sc4play

    I’d rather hear about the chick with the nice ass, not the asshat behind her.

  10. “No, I buy a special shampoo that makes my hair look this greasy. It’s a rich person thing that you wouldn’t understand.”

  11. He’s really looking like his marionette from team America.

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