1. Go Rollergirl! She looks ageless.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    Heather Graham seen in a furious argument with Amanda Bynes as to whether it’s duck season or “wabbit” season.

  3. How the fuck does she stay so good-looking? And how can I get my penis inside her ASAP?

    Those are both very important questions, but the second one is more urgent.

  4. shes beautiful and has lovely skin. thats a MILF

  5. celebutard

    This is one of the benefits of being a terrible actress with little emotional range: you can keep your looks by filling your face full of Botox and no one is the wiser.

  6. beaddee

    Not a great picture of her but she is a true beauty. Who was it that pretty much called her the stupidest chick on the face of the earth? One of her celeb boyfriends. I think it was Heath Ledger. Maybe that’s the secret to her beauty. Dumb as a stump.

  7. beaddee

    Oh ya, That’s right, but smarter than Heath Ledger being that she is the one still alive…..Ba ha ha ha!!

  8. NineInchNailed

    I’d ease up on the eye make-up, it looks meh. And she definitely doesn’t need it either, she looks AMAZING and still hot as hell. Also that shade of lipstick works so well for her.

  9. Holy jumping fucking Jesus. She is beautiful! I must have her.

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