1. She looks like she just got her wisdom teeth removed.

  2. BP

    She looks a lot like Lara Flynn Boyle!

  3. Fredical

    “You were right. You were right about me. Tell your sister… you were right.”

  4. Lara Flynn Quack.

  5. HP Pennypacker

    Is her face transplant being rejected?

  6. Lara Flynn Boils!

  7. Joe Blow

    Yeeesh. Winter’s over, no need to keep gathering acorns.”

  8. Hey Now

    I had no idea a live action movie about Daisy Duck was in the works.

  9. Who doesn’t keep their entire marble collection in their mouth.

  10. Buddy The Elf

    Checking her phone, wondering why the work dried up years ago.

  11. The Pope

    “Hlut ahl yoosh shwarin aht?”

  12. cc

    Roger Ebert didn’t die, he’s just gone incognito as a skinny woman.

  13. Cedric

    Lara Flyn looks like a boil

  14. There is a big difference between an auto mechanic and a plastic surgeon. It looks like she didn’t read the memo.

  15. Eel

    O my she looks just like jack Nicholson playing the joker.

  16. cxcv

    Believe it or not, I once jacked off to this woman. She was so sexy…now she’s just…melting.

  17. John Travolta

    What the hell….?

  18. John Travolta

    Why do some people need to go fuck their faces up??? She was perfectly fine before!!

  19. Donkeydog

    She’s really jazzed about her cameo on next weeks episode of River Monsters.

  20. mephitick


  21. I hope it’s just a case of a really bad one-time picture of her, because that’s a really bad picture…

  22. Kanyestotle


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