1. Still one of the best looking women in Hollyweird.

  2. Gandalf the Black (tar).

  3. ScotlandThe Brave

    He has the “Don’t Give A Fuck” turned up to 11.

  4. Pardon me, good sir, but could you be so bold, as to where a gentlemen like myself on his daily constitutional, could procure a female companion who is the BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BEES KNEES!!

  5. Looks like the jungle kicked his ass and re-arranged his face.

  6. The older he gets, the bigger the hats.

  7. Every rose has it’s cane.

  8. tlmck

    Not shown: Purple Cadillac with leopard skin seat covers.

  9. I feel like he has trouble breathing.

  10. Buddy The Elf

    If Kris Angel were a singer.

  11. cutthecrap

    Those aren’t pants, those are autopsy scars

  12. AWOL

    The Blind leading the Douche.

  13. Captain Jerk

    Never thought I’d every hate this man.

  14. Captain Jerk

    * ever

  15. The grunge version of Dr. Who?

  16. Don’t make me use my stuff on ya’, Bubba Ho-tep!

  17. Cletus

    Hmmm…. how do I say this politely… oh, I know:

    You’re not a street pimp! You’re Axl Rose, the guy who destroyed one of the best metal bands on the planet!

  18. Jenn

    Appetite for destruction and lots of bacon

  19. “That bitch better have my money”

  20. He looks like a reject from Lidsville.

  21. Please, no more Willy Wonka remakes.

  22. Off to a Chin Off with Lara Flynn Boils.

  23. This apprentice still has much to learn about the mysterious ways of The Douche from Steven Tyler…

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