1. B&WMinstrel

    Crock of doodle doo

  2. Now I see why he and Rhianna get along so well – they have the same “style.”

  3. Innocent kids get blown up and this shitbag is a millionaire. What a world.

  4. Jane

    I wonder if I could tattoo myself a bigger dick?

  5. emma watson's vagina

    nothing to see here folks. just move right along.

  6. ThisWillHurt

    Channeling Michael Jackson in all the wrong ways.

  7. PJ Bandit

    I know… I know… Let’s get this concert done then I’ll beat Rihanna for you. I know you like that.

  8. ScotlandThe Brave

    Some free publicity for Polo Ralph Lauren. They’ll be pleased?

  9. What’s the old proverb? “You are what you grab”?

  10. “I’m a star. I’m a star, I’m a star, I’m a star. I am a big bright shining star. Yeah, that’s right….”

  11. caley

    “I told you if you kept looking at your cellphone I was gonna beat you!”

  12. And just think: thousands of women would not mind being hit in the face by this bag of worm excrement.

  13. meeps!


  14. creemygoodness

    Tell me what to do. TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!

  15. sparky

    that look of despair when he realizes his dick is disintegrating under his grip; just the way she planned it. no wonder she’s been workin the smirk again.

  16. Nice chest F-16. Yeah, because when I think of Chris Brown I think of the Fighting Falcon and not the Pussy Ass Chick Hitter.

  17. “God, thanks for blessing me w’ grammy’s, millions of dollars & Rihanna’s ass after I tried to beat her to death. Sorry for doing it again last night, and for grabbing my cock while talking to you. Amen”

  18. His dick is named Rhianna too.

  19. “Where’s my douch? Oh, wait, I’m wearing it.”

  20. fakeass motherfucker, he wishes he had that much cock. does not.

  21. Brit

    Why don’t I just hang like John Hamm?

  22. Fuck you, you piece of shit.

    That is all.

  23. Jenn

    If my dick was bigger, I probably wouldn’t have to hit women to feel like a real man. Y’all know it, I know it. –Chris ‘Tiny’ Brown

  24. RL Girl

    Ralph Lauren just saw this picture, and he wants to kill himself!

  25. He gets a tattoo of a fighter jet at the same time + in the same place as her ‘Goddess Isis’ tattoo in honour of her grandmother? Geez, if tattoos were symbolic and/or you knew anything of their history you could really read something into that….

  26. Grafikman

    Nope, still nothing there.

  27. “There he is, troups…OPEN FIRE!!!”

  28. Clearly not understanding the purpose and mechanics of a belt.

  29. Beer Baron

    stupidest bunch of tattoos ever.

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