1. Looks great until your eyes lower to that parasite growing within her.

  2. And it’s the celebrity pregnant pose. Hands under belly to emphasize, “Yes, I’m pregnant, not fat.”

  3. JasonH

    Pregnancy looks good on her, truthfully.

  4. awww beautiful and looks great with the baby bump!

  5. I’d hit that. I’d bang her too.

  6. cube gleamer

    Eat your heart out, KK.

  7. Lady, it ain’t gonna fall out if you let go.

  8. Why does every pregnant celeb have to put their hands on their belly like that? We get it. You’ve willingly decided to ruin your body.

    All of that aside, I fucking LOVE this woman.

  9. Grafikman

    “Oh I’m not expecting, that’s just my colostomy bag.”

  10. “God, I justLOVE those All You Can Eat Chinese Buffets!”

  11. I still can’t believe she actually let Marilyn Manson get anywhere near her and turn her into a Dita Vonteese clone. Must have been a dark phase in her life.

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