1. joe

    There’s a “Weekend at Bernie’s” joke here somewhere.

  2. He’s turning into Christopher Walken. Or vice-versa.

  3. Death really pulls some tail.

  4. He looked healthier at the end of “Behind the Candelabra.”

  5. The cancer. It came back.

  6. “This is what someone looks like after oral with Zeta-Jones”.

  7. Game of Lawn Chairs

    He turned into his father a long time ago. Now he’s just working on looking even creepier.

  8. Don’t look now Catherine but its the ghost of cunnilingus past.

  9. MD: “I just shit myself.”
    CZ-J: “Like father, like son.”

  10. I think Kirk is going to outlive him.

  11. SheBangs

    Seriously, Who’s older?

  12. TheGhost

    He looks like he’s been to hell, seen the devil and came back with the thousand-yard stare

  13. Is that fear or hopelessness or what on his face?

  14. Spleen

    Her pussy really sucks the life out of men, I guess.

  15. malaka

    i guess the saying – you’re only as old as you feel – isn’t the best comment you could offer this guy.

  16. littletongue

    I’d love to watch a movie on that forehead. Popcorn and all.

  17. this a Tales From The Crypt remake premiere?…

  18. Bipolar Necrophiliac

    This looks more like a picture of Madonna and a recent ex-boyfriend, right after she mated with him and drained his life essence so that she could try to stay young.

  19. Lou Braccant

    She chose….poorly

  20. bob

    how are they still together? how?!

  21. I hear George Romero has signed on to do his biopic.

  22. Exeter hasn’t aged well. (This Island Earth)

  23. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    His cancer must’ve been extremely ravenous: it ate up all the good looks in the family.

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