1. I heard the cast him for the “Monster” part of the new Charlize Theron biopic.

  2. Fuck your Wheaties, freak. Mama Walker’s got breakfast covered now.

  3. I’ve always liked Billie Jean King in blue . . .

  4. Pete

    Ho Le Freak!

  5. Turd Ferguson

    He has Doc Brown hair.

  6. Star Trek: The Next Transgenderation

  7. Capn Obvious

    Hey Bruce, here’s an idea to squash the rumors – get a man’s haircut.

  8. Ralph

    Are those breasts I see forming?

  9. littletongue

    I see she finally has started to wear a bra! If Britney could do it, so could Brucy! Yeah!

  10. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic transsexual. Bruce Jenner will be that M2F. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster., prettier.

  11. fred

    That must be the key to his neck.

  12. He’s smiling! It’s an Easter miracle!

  13. Khloe's Hairy Buttcrack

    At least he’ll get a sports bra endorsement deal out of this.

  14. Ruckus

    “What do you mean Carousel? I’m only 24!”

  15. Does this mean his medal will now be for the heptathlon?

  16. Girl’s gym coach.

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