1. Audrey Hepburn – talented woman who helped the Dutch Resistance during WWII and who devoted a good portion of her life to UNICEF

    Kim Kardashian – got pissed on, had two large mixing bowls implanted into her ass cheeks, brow beat the editor of Vogue into giving her a cover, has absolutely no soul.

    Sure, I can see the resemblance.

  2. This infuriates me.

    • Ive, the only thing that infuriates me is, I’m not driving a truck veering off the roadway to rid the world of this thing,,aka: take one for the team!

  3. Did Toto fall out of the basket?

  4. Cock Dr

    I feel bad for the bike, especially the seat being engulfed by her ass.

  5. MarketingMike

    And now, an ad for titanium bike seats…

  6. freebie

    We need a bigger seat.

  7. That creaking you hear isn’t a squeaky wheel. It’s bicycle language for ‘Melt me down and kill me now.’

  8. Her ass has completely engulfed the seat and most of the pole that supports it. Whoever mentioned her and Aubrey Hepburn in the same sentence to come up with the idea for the shoot, should be punched in the throat.

    • Sarah

      Could not agree more. Audrey– petite, slender, Oscar winning, talented actress and singer, humanitarian. Kim– overweight, stumpy, talentless, famous for being peed on by Ray J, banging black dudes, plastic surgery, and hideous clothing. This one really pisses me off!

  9. Capn Obvious

    Ever see her with her baby? Yeah, didn’t think so.

    Take more pictures of me! Me! Me! Me!

  10. Fat bottomed cows, they’ll be riding today.
    So look out for those beauties, oh yeah!

  11. Game of Lawn Chairs

    Only person where the photographer is more worried about running out of bikes and undamaged road before losing the light.

  12. Wow, her photoshopping skills are getting remarkable. Those tires probably came from a monster truck.

  13. Although for some reason Fish chose not to show the photo, it should make all of you happy to know this insipid idiot actually fell off that bike or it was so disgusted it threw her off.

  14. It took the Space Shuttle arm to get her on that bike.

  15. JungleRed

    There isn’t enough black in the world to slim that down.

  16. popwilleatitself

    Take away the bangs and the ponytail and you’ve got Kris.

  17. I see Hitler was reincarnated as a bicycle seat for his crimes.

  18. Well, she can ride a bike. So forget all that stuff I said about a complete lack of any sort of discernible talent.

  19. dick thunder

    even Asian men don’t want that bike seat.

  20. littletongue

    Having to wear adult diapers should not stop you from enjoying an afternoon out, away from your infant daughter. Have fun! Love life!

  21. buzz

    I think I saw a blurb on Yahoo saying she fell off the bike during the shoot. Proving once again Kim K doesn’t actually do any work.

    Who the hell is so lazy to get paid peddling a bike that they fall off of it?

  22. Jentilly

    Anyone else hear the screams? That’s the bike seat

  23. Where’s the rest of her ass? Or are her pants half green and just screened out?

  24. Lookit that rear tire pleading for mercy…

  25. This disgusting, useless, no-talent ass factory wraps up everything wrong with showbiz in one fat-assed shit-storm of heinous stupidity.

    Why God invented the 45-70

  26. After the shoot the bicycle was humanely put down.

  27. Hugh G. Rection

    Fish is actually being kind to Kim here. I saw another shot of this taken from directly behind her. Oooh that poor bike seat.

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