1. So if I’m interpreting that shirt correctly, he only likes women if they’re willing to pretend they’re men?

  2. MarketingMike

    Who’s that walking in front of Leo?

  3. The walk of shame is obvious.

  4. Is the girl on the t-shirt smelling her finger after she stuck it in Joe?

  5. Out in public is probably the only time Joe is in front.

  6. limeseeds

    So wait, the girl with mustache is Joe’s beard?

  7. Huskerdoo

    Who wants a mustache ride!!???!

  8. fred

    FYI Joe: walking in front of your gay lover, but not far enough in front so that a photographer can still get you both in the same picture, will not stop people from thinking you’re gay.

  9. with a ‘friend’ who’s causing tightness n the crotch of his skort.

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