1. She kinda reminds of a carp I’d probably bang.

  2. Oh good, more narcissism… just what the world needs.

  3. MarketingMike

    A 25yr old face on a 50yr old neck, wait….

  4. Definitely had work done. Looks good so far.

  5. Honey, if you only knew what the Crips would really do to you.

  6. Qmak

    “If I just snip here and here, I will look more like Mom instead of Dad…”

  7. She didn’t get her Mom’s tits. Are those from Billy’s side of the family?

  8. On the plus side, she came out way better looking than Bruce Willis’s daughters. That has to count for something.

  9. Quinn R

    she looks like Farrah Abraham with those bug-eyes

  10. anonymous

    I thought I read somewhere that she was in the hospital.

  11. fred

    Probably shouldn’t be accentuating the googly eyes.

  12. I liked her better before the surgeries.

  13. Selfie Campaigns are probably a necessary thing, what with the appalling dearth of selfies ravaging the globe right now.
    Next, I propose a Fap Awareness Day.

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