1. “Mama Walker’s Breakfast Inspired Liqueurs”

    I don’t know who this Mama Walker is, but she’s a goddamned genius. I could totally see myself in the morning pouring a shot each of Blueberry Pancake and Maple Bacon and washing it down with a KahlĂșa. A complete breakfast in 3oz!

  2. arty

    Why don’t you look not a day over 56.

  3. David Hasselhoff

    How you gonna promote liqueurs for breakfast and not hire Lindsay Lohan?

  4. Game of Lawn Chairs

    Celebrating one year without plastic surgery.

  5. Wow, her mouth looks like a perfect asshole. Getting head from her must be considered anal sex.

  6. Blow – don’t suck.

  7. Doing what she does best…blowing.

  8. Did this used to be a man?

  9. Nice tits grandma

  10. Barbie’s memaw. Now with more plastic.

  11. Lou Braccant

    Definitely gonna need a ‘Biermann’ to put up with this trashy whore!!

  12. dontkillthemessenger

    That’s a long picture description.

    “Kim Zolciak whoring herself out, Ed.# 2,073″ would’ve worked just as easily.

  13. tlmck

    More man made parts than the Bionic Woman.

  14. cooooooooooool

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