1. Domo arigato Mr. Ro-butt-o

  2. Cock Dr


  3. Kim is ready for a workout. I would definitely have her sweating, panting, and moaning when I bend her over just a little bit more and grab that pony tail and pound that nice fat ass from the back.

  4. Deacon Jones

    (Business executive to another suit on set of photo shoot)

    “So we’re using Kim Khardashian to market our new “Shape Ups” sneakers.”


    “That’s logical”

  5. Bi-Winning, Duh!

    these shoes do what now?

  6. Ismoss

    Sketcher’s Shape-Ups and that ass? theres a gem in there somewhere.

  7. dramkit

    Holy fuck! Where are her legs? Is this a slink-back deal like a magic sword or sth?

  8. Deacon Jones

    “….in other news, the USGS has established a link with the aftershocks in Japan to Kim K’s recent photoshoot in which she lunged forward several times…..more at 11″

  9. DeucePickle

    Introducing Sketchers newest line of athletic shoes, “Butt-n-juggs”

  10. The Critical Crassness

    Ah yes, the obligatory “Crap We Missed” Kardashian photo. At least it is posted in the appropriate location under, “Crap”.It’s just too bad we didn’t miss it!

  11. Sara

    Gravity – 1, Kim K. – 0

  12. Peter Pantsless

    She looks like a she’s smuggling a barrel of whiskey in her pants.

  13. Jovy

    Because seeing this useless lardass wear Sketchers is going to make me wanna go out and buy them.

    • Krissy

      Exactly. If wearing these shoes means I’ll get a body like hers, I’ll stick with wearing my regular tennis shoes and actually doing work outs. Seeing her promote/wear them definitely doesn’t make me want to buy them.

  14. She’s doing that new dance “The Fat Ass Robot”

    Is this really Sketchers promoting their product? If this is how you’re supposed to walk in them…well, fuckit. Sitting on the couch is looking pretty good.

    • UnholyKrep

      See, I was gonna go with “Robohog”, but I think your “Fat Ass Robot” is just a bit more appropriate.

  15. Euroman

    In this position the weight of her ass completely balances the weight of her tits and stops her from falling tits-over-ass.

  16. whiskeyafternoon

    remarkably enough, much like an iceberg, we are likely only seeing 20% of her ass here.

  17. You’d brace yourself too if with every step you took the earth quaked.

  18. toolazytothinkofaname

    In true Kin K. fashion sex tape first…. almost legit way to get famous second to keep her in the spotlight.

  19. Shape-Ups – for that pear-shaped figure you always wanted.

  20. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    Left hand: Grab Shaft 1-2-3
    Right hand: Cup Balls 4-5-6.
    Mouth: Tease head 7-8-9.
    Chest: …OH SHIT! BALANCE!!!

  21. BlubboTehClown

    We are the robots. De. De de de.
    We are the robots. De. De de de.

    It’s only cool when Kraftwerk does it, Buttzilla.

  22. Zombie Kitty

    Her feet are the only part that doesn’t need to “shape-up”

  23. That ass is a dope smuggler’s wet dream.

  24. ktulu

    Doing the robot aint gonna make that ass disappear

  25. Lita

    Why is she doing the Robot?

  26. cc

    If you want your ass to look like a giant Osage orange, where Sketchers.

    BTW, I thought Sketchers had gone the way of LA Gear, i.e., oblivion. No?

  27. Wells

    Is is wrong that I thought of QWOP ?

  28. Wells

    Is it wrong that I thought of QWOP ?

  29. Lucasjr5

    The shape-ups didn’t work. :-(

  30. frankiestage

    The doctor definitely put in too large of a butt.

  31. Not as rough as we think are we?

    I know the U

  32. dontlooknow

    You mean if I wear Sketchers I’ll get a Kim Kardashian Butt? Gaaaahhhh!!!!!!

  33. Scotty No P

    I wonder if the mime school charged her double for that midget she smuggled into class in her pants?

  34. Not as rough as we think are we?

    Since the U.S. doesn’t have the balls, ill be relying on France to ban hot chicks from break dancing.

  35. Pete

    Maybe we’re being too hard on her. I, for one, think those shoes go pretty well with sausage casings.

  36. ugh,

    Horrible, horrible fucking pig.

  37. Pepe Lopez

    …but in her mind she is thinking about when to schedule her next appointment with the lawn care service to mow all her body fur.


    Why in gods name is this ho the spokesmodel for so much mainstream crap? I for one would never buy anything that had Kim Kardashians face/name on it and I would be a complete failure if my daughter ever even hinted at wanting to be like, or wear anything promoted by any Kardashian, Kim is far from in shape. She’s just a fat lazy slut that dropped a few thousand dollars on liposuction.

  39. If I were Sketchers, I would not hire someone with a giant butt. Sort of says to me that the shoes do not work as advertised.

  40. LIZ

    She’d be better off putting the shoes on her ass cheeks.

  41. rican

    She just ran out of batteries.

  42. johnj

    haha her butt is SOOOOOOOOO fake

  43. JJ

    Stay-Puft does the Robot!

  44. When did Spanx start making capris?

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