1. Ponkur

    Herp derp.

  2. Bi-Winning, Duh!

    I can’t tell if she’s sucking in her giant chin, or letting out a giant fart.

  3. Looks like she is training for the special olympics.

  4. The Critical Crassness

    Marriage has been good for Reese. Now she feels secure enough to fart while out for her daily run. It’s good to be free!

  5. btreese

    LOL….one of People’s most beautiful people…..ugh….as in UGHly….

  6. doin’ the muffin-top shuffle…

  7. First they cast Bradley Cooper as The Crow, and now Reese Witherspoon’s playing Arnie Grape?

  8. The Most Interesting

    Sadly, the chin wasn’t as aerodynamic as originally calculated.

  9. Matt Damon’s female stunt double training for The Bourne Gender-Bender.

  10. Zombie Kitty

    The frame before showed her right tit punching up that top lip… she should wear a bra at her age

  11. macmac

    She’s working out in preparation for her lead role as a Gremlin in the remake she’s making.

  12. Turd Ferguson

    Who knew that Jay Leno exercised?

  13. This is actually that Reese Witherspoon body double whose face was mauled by a dog in her youth. Common mistake.

  14. Not as rough as we think are we?

    I haven’t said these two words in a long time. Oys vey.

  15. UnholyKrep

    Reese, out showing why the folks back home called her “Skeeter”.

  16. SuperT

    Reese put on her Kirsten Dunst face in an attempt to confuse the paps

  17. cc

    If she presses her chin out she cuts her time by 3 seconds.

  18. Fig

    FFFFffffriggin’ paps!! Iffffff they don’t fffffriggin’ move, I’m gonna fffffriggin’ hit them with my fffffffist.

  19. Nice cans, Mr. Burns.

  20. Kyle Butler

    Seriously just look at this photo and make the sound “Durrrrrrrrr”, it gets way better.

  21. Drea

    She should get in touch with Scarlett Johansson’s publicist.

  22. it’s goooood…..

  23. c-h

    it’s so nice that she’s a functional part of society and that her Downs isn’t keeping her from having a good life… good for her!

  24. My Name Peggy

    Is she auditioning for the part of Jerry Blank?

  25. sexyman48

    Here is Reese filming the ringer 2.

  26. Lettuce

    Jim Carrey in drag?

  27. Mel Gibson’s not looking too bad these days.

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