1. Deacon Jones

    Double shocker.

  2. They made a Courtney Love blow up doll?

  3. Bucky Barnes

    I understand that if you insert a quarter in her ear her teeth fold back…

  4. The Critical Crassness

    And then he said, “Open your mouth like this! That’s when the big ugly white worm crawled into my mouth, shot out all that terrible tasting stuff and made me pregnant with Jerry’s baby. Really!

  5. The Laughing G-D

    You’re hired!

  6. “Did you know that fat kid from Stand By Me has a penis only this big? ”

    This week has been a world record for photos of chicks doing blow up doll mouths.

  7. Those CPR dummies are getting more and more lifelike.

  8. “Woop! Woop! That’s the sound of the police!”

  9. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    …Mystique caught morphing into “Human Centipede”…

  10. Turd Ferguson

    Practicing for the only film work she will soon be offered.

  11. Lita

    Rebecca Romij’s sex doll!

  12. Not as rough as we think are we?

    Is this an epidemic?

  13. dontlooknow

    Sex doll?

  14. She just saw her boob-less doppelganger Neve Campbell signing autographs on the other page and went “ooooooh you poor thing!”.

  15. DKNY

    Oh man what I would do to that mouth…

  16. Jon Hex

    Dirty whore mouth? Try Orbitz!

  17. Kyle Butler

    “My O-face. “Oh… Oh… Oh!” You know what I’m talkin’ about.”

  18. She sure as shit can’t whistle if she is doing it that way.

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