1. Deacon Jones

    Her lips look like the footage from one of those 1950s black and white test pilots wind tunnels.

  2. Ismoss

    Eww, old lady vag-pit

  3. The Critical Crassness

    Goldie Hawn reprises her “Laugh In” face exercises for the paparazzi!

    • K Soze

      “exhibit 29″

      • MrsWrong

        you are killing me with this crass-buster stuff!…After I read the pic comments I look for his post cause hes sooo dumb and how people respond to him are just as funny as the photo comments…LMAO

  4. jamiejames

    oh, crap! is she pregnant, too?

  5. oh…that’s a shame.

  6. Don’t worry about it, Goldie. At some point we all forget where our feet are.

  7. She’s got a second anus in her right armpit. That or a belly button.

  8. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    “Shine” on?
    “Sling Blade” on?
    Oh, yeah.

  9. Trail Mix

    Looks like Jar-Jar Binks in a blond wig.

  10. Haji

    Where’s the rest of Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem?

  11. UnholyKrep

    It’s amazing how good you can make a sea lamprey look with a simple black dress and a blonde wig from the dollar store.

  12. cc

    She looks better than ScarJo. Ya, I said that, and meant it to.

    • MrsWrong

      I think “Death Becomes Her” might have been a documentary…now we know where Rick Moranis is…you know, after he left the Shine awards with all the other has beens…

  13. First the Ambrosio chick, now this… seriously, this sex doll face craze is getting out of hand guys.

  14. Maggie

    “Shit I just tripped over my career! I knew it was laying around here somewhere unattended…”

  15. eyeee

    SERIOUSLY! wtf are the “shine on” awards? a sad dad gold mine.

  16. Ed

    Is she wasted? Because then that expression is perfectly acceptable.

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