1. Deacon Jones


    “Ms. Parton, we’re in England. Please get in the car ma’am.”

  2. Double D

    Heil Titler!

  3. The Critical Crassness

    Fifty years in showbiz and her head is now as big as her tits!

  4. Cock Dr

    She’s gotta be close to 70. Dayum.

  5. Euroman

    Is she auditioning for the role of Eva Braun in “Hitler’s Last Bang” or is that role going to Lindsey Lohan?

  6. It had to be said

    I. Would. Wreck. Dolly. Parton. And not just for all the wanks when I was a kid. She still looks better than that old broad on Sex in the City.

  7. and the prize for “worst blow up doll mouth” of the week goes to…(drum roll)…YES! Dolly Parton!

    “Thanks everybody, most of all I want to thank Hitler…”

  8. Jesus, Mr. Security Guy… Why so tense? Not like she has never been cut with a knife before!

  9. Little known fact: she has to stand like this to keep from deflating.

  10. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    “Before old-age shrinkage, I used to be THIS tall!”

  11. Turd Ferguson

    Personally greeting both fans attending DollyWood this weekend.

  12. Not as rough as we think are we?

    I thought this dude got the mother-load from RoseAnn. He’s still doing security?

  13. cc

    Hey, Mel, it’s me Dolly.

  14. Hey Dolly! How high is the grass in Germany?

  15. dontlooknow

    How NOT to do do plastic surgery: do not detach head and then sew on crooked!

  16. Sin

    Seig Heil, y’all!!

  17. Kyle Butler

    Jews don’t really like county music anyway..

  18. SuperT

    Her corpse puppet would be more believable if we didn’t notice the puppeteer’s hand in her back.

  19. Pimptastic

    High on anesthesia Courtney Love waves at imaginary fans after a successful breast implant surgery.

  20. Maggie

    Jessica Simpson looks terrible.

  21. playing a wundergroin’s aunt on tv does have side effects

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