1. Bi-Winning, Duh!

    I don’t care how good she looks, she annoys the hell out of me.

  2. DeucePickle

    I don’t care how annoying she is, she looks good !

  3. The Laughing G-D

    You’re both wrong and your both right… ?

  4. Cock Dr

    Looks like a burnette Ashley Tisdale.

  5. Hugh Gentry

    mmmmmmm JWoww twin

  6. jamiejames

    who the hell is this? her name sounds like some sort of fruit.

  7. The Critical Crassness

    It’s pronounced..Shreek-E, which is exactly the response she elicits.

  8. Euroman

    I still think that’s J-Woww (kinda like Michael Jackson and Latoya)

  9. whiskeyafternoon

    i’m so excited my tits look like this!

  10. “… Kobe denies the allegations. In other news, he bought his wife a diamond the size of a brontosaurus.”

  11. Haddo01

    Throw some fake tits and glitter on her and you’ve got that JWoww broad

  12. cc

    There’s something about a slight sheen of perspiration on the curve of a women’s bosom that really, really appeals to me.

    Who knew I could be so profound?

  13. dontlooknow

    Thanks for this picture; now I finally know the correct amount of cleavage to show at a basketball game.

  14. JWoww is Chiriqui’s gritty reboot.

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