1. How many interns do you think are in that SUV?

  2. Jill

    And just out of view is megan Fox desperately trying to get her career back.

  3. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Four cylinders under there, each of them exploding! exploding! exploding!…Pants! I need new pants!

    • BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

      You banned my IP address for posting the Mahommed cartoons.
      One. That’s Ok, I don’t get this liberal stuff either and
      Two. Why bother?

  4. Deacon Jones

    If there was ever a case for a movie that was dead to rights simply because of its title, this one is it. That obviously excludes “John Carter”.

  5. White Bull

    He He! The girls will never see me coming!

  6. EricLr

    He’s getting ready to rape another franchise.

  7. Mike701

    “it’s nice that Holes kid hangs around to relieve the tension.”

  8. DeucePickle

    Damn, Brett wasn’t kidding, that shrimp cocktail works like a mother fucker.

  9. John Riley

    That turtle didn’t appriciate my homespun mutagen.

  10. zomgbie

    giant robot smashes car- NOW!

  11. El Jefe

    To answer the question of who is the hidden person in the car with him servicing him, Jennifer Nicole Lee is in this movie. Which would also account for why Photo Boy can’t get any photos of her to put on here.

  12. The Brown Streak

    “And this is how you get to work in this industry again, Megan.”

  13. Swayx

    He just saw footage of Battleship and suddenly needed to measure the size of his penis

  14. Green Hopper

    Damn it, Megan! At least let me get my pants off!

  15. journalschism

    “Never you mind why ‘Hitler THIS’ is tattooed on it.”

  16. Looks like Megan Fox finally figured out how to put her mouth to good use.


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