1. Jill

    Wait a minute… has anyone seen Reese Witherspoon or Kristin Cavallari at the same place at the same time? I’m begining to think they might be the same person. That, or one is an A list celebrity and the other is a reality show whore with a douchebag finace. Both with sizable chins though.

  2. diego

    Now that is how you do pregancy… lookin’ at you Hillary Duff and Jessica Simpson

  3. Lots of breeders in Hollywood these days.

    • tod

      only gay people say breeders

    • BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

      If men could have kids we’d do it jumping out of aeroplanes or racing to be first to pop one out on top of Everest. And your choices would be all natural or a bottle of Jack. Women can be such… women

      • YoMamma

        Right, because when you have a fucking head cold you’re so kick ass and not whiney at all like you’re dying every minute.

  4. kimmykimkim

    Fatty fatty fat fat. Fatty fatty fat fat.

  5. her pants are on so tight the fetus is crawling into her tits for refuge.

  6. vietgrly

    Famewhore 2.0 on the way.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    Her child support trap is already in it’s 2nd trimester.

  8. Raaaaaaaa

    her bump is an odd, lumpy shape…..she’s just stuffed a cushion down there to trap cutler into going through with the wedding, hasn’t she

  9. mbcl

    ‘the travelling bigbellies’

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