1. joe

    Looks like Milton went from arson to knee-capping.

  2. DeucePickle

    Gary Cole is such a bad ass !

  3. Riiiighht. I’mmm gonnaa… have to go ahead… and ask you to… tsk… shave that mustache…

  4. ScotlandThe Brave

    Ron Burgundy

  5. Gary Cole’s on “Veep” now? But…he was the Vice President in “The West Wing”! I can’t handle this kind of cultural Möbius strip.

  6. Most underrated bomb of awesome in Hollywood.

  7. What’chu talkin’ about Willis?

  8. Love this guy, never actually knew his name.

  9. “… and then a step to the RI-HI-HI-A-GHT!”

  10. Satan's Right Hand

    Can do no wrong b/c he was Lumberg in Office Space.

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