1. B&WMinstrel

    CSI: Sesame Street

  2. Goddamn, Pink and Miley Cyrus look more like Billy Idol than Billy fucking Idol looks like Billy Idol.

  3. A great musical talent, and a great acting talent. What? Sharktopus on the Sci Channel is brilliant. *eye roll*

  4. Billy Idol produced some great music, but now I’d say he’s dancing with himself ’cause no one else wants to do it.

  5. Hank E. Ring

    Look Billy, it’s 1980, we should get back there.

  6. Hugh Jazz

    “Moisture-izer? What is that, some kind of kinky sex robot?”

  7. They were both quite pretty once. ONCE.

  8. The Pope

    Hey, the cocaine delivery is here!

  9. Let me guess: they’re playing the dead body.

  10. John Travolta

    Hmmm thought that was Michael Biehn on the left.

  11. Roger Waters in AfterEllen? They’re doing it pretty fucking well.

  12. i thought that was luke skywalker and antonio banderas.

  13. “You want the blonde with big tits or the brunette with the great legs?”

  14. Looks like the members of Bon Jovi are only wanted dead now.

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