1. He

    Are those real? Lol

  2. alex

    LOL He.

  3. LJ

    Looks like she went to the same plastic surgeon that did the bad boob job on Torrie Wilson. Why do these fitness models think that tits are supposed to grow out of the shoulders?

  4. Jesus Christ.

  5. The Pope

    Is the correct term “uni-boob” or “mono-boob”? I can never remember.

  6. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    Does she think she’s in a 1980′s Playboy pinup?

  7. cc

    Two more articles of clothing to go!!!

  8. welldoneson

    This picture makes me hear bongos…

  9. Blech

    “Ooopsie. Hope the cameras aren’t pointed this way. Tee!”

    Ew. Just… just ew.

  10. Splat

    The bikini is supposed to support the boobs, not the other way around.

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