1. dontkillthemessenger

    Does the snowcone drip onto the boobs?

    (Is it me or is that ponytail pulled so tight that it’s changed the bone structure of her face?)

  2. your mom

    ps. That dye job looks like shit. You should really consider fixing it.

  3. bonerspunk

    Russell Brand has got to have at least 10 or 20 gigs of nude photos of this butterface. All we want is the titty pics…so leak them, she will deny it’s her anyways and we can all enjoy a good fap.

  4. Hanzel

    She’s too cute

  5. Katie

    HEY GENIUS- Guess what else you missed? Mentioning ANYTHING about Rush Limbaugh! It’s been TWO DAYS! Get with it- we’ve all seen titty pics before.

  6. “Hello, I’m the happy-go-lucky Katy Perry. The other dark-and-vicious Katy Perry isn’t here right now. But she’ll show up if anyone irritates me.”

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    I’m schizophrenic.
    And so am I!

  7. I haven’t seen that much blue hair since I took your grandma to that rave.

  8. skunk

    she looks depressed. like shes missing the cock. i can help her

  9. JosieBelle

    And the winner for best Thorazine shuffle goes to…

  10. Frank Burns

    Somebody get the poor girl out of France already . . .

  11. Tillman

    I Dream of Jeannie 2012 – This Time Everyone Comes in a Bottle

  12. El Jefe

    She seriously needs to show those things, this is cruel and unusual punishment.

    Russel Brand is a dick, did not clean her out and still won’t release the sex tapes and nude photos.

  13. cc

    Careful Katy, you are cutting off the circulation in your head and you are playing shorthanded already.

  14. Bigalkie

    Filed under Ridiculous.

  15. Who in the blue hell is her hair stylist?

  16. she’s definitely taking this Smurfette thing way too far

  17. NOI

    I wonder if she can look natural for once

  18. George P Burdell

    She will never get the “I Dream of Jennie” part unless she wears the harem outfit.

  19. aya

    i think she dyed her hair soo much she is starting to loose hair

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