1. “Not if you had ALL the money, cowboy.”

  2. Please allow my tongue, to be your toilet. I feel so dirty…but, in good way. Take off that white wig, and stop judging!!

  3. Laredo

    Nice legs, perfect body, so-so tits, and then that face…baaaarffff.

  4. I would shake like a twig

  5. anonymous

    She does look hot most of the time but then she poses like this and you realize she has Quentin Tarantino’s face.

  6. this is what that bovine Kim Kardashian sees when she looks in the mirror. Here is the reality:

  7. Mama Pinkus

    I don’t know who she is but she’s rather homely

  8. Never cared for her one bit.

  9. You folks saying he’s ugly really need to take a walk down your average city street and just people watch sometime.

  10. The perfect rebuttal to those fucking morons that pretend Selena “Flabby droop” Gomez has a good body. Fuck you.

  11. Walter Peck

    Orange you glad she wore those pants. I know, I know, that word play was asinine.

  12. somefakeguy

    For a woman who makes her living by posing for pictures, she sure looks angry about posing for this picture.

  13. It helps with my self-esteem to read some of you guys think even this girl is ‘ugly’. It means you’re batshit crazy and nothing you say matters.

  14. diegoga

    that ass heals the world

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