1. She makes this face any time she bumps into Dinklage.

  2. Joe Blow

    Is she having a stroke?

  3. o'chunt

    “The rash? Oh, just a motorboating accident.”

  4. “Hey Lena. Remember the the time Gerard asked you to join him in the port-o-john?”

  5. Hey Now

    How is this not Lara Flynn Boyle after yet another spectacular plastic surgery failure?

  6. “This crowd has gone deadly silent, a Cinderella story outta nowhere. Former greenskeeper and now about to become the masters champion … He’s on his final hole. He’s about 455 yards away, he’s gonna hit about a 2 iron I think … it’s in the hole!”

  7. Canudigit

    Revisit her love scene in 300…..she has a couple of nice bumps to go with that rash!

  8. Bad idea to drop some Slo-Mo, right before the premier.

  9. So Lannisters don’t shit gold after all.

  10. Can’t fool me, I’d still bend you over the sofa.

  11. yoop

    “I have to laugh, because I’ve outsmarted even myself. My enemy, my foe, is an animal. In order to conquer the animal, I have to learn to think like an animal. And, whenever possible, to look like one.”

  12. Hugh G. Rection

    Just goes to show you, a middle aged woman making a face is still hotter than anyone named Kardashian.

  13. “Oh man … oh man … is there such a thing as a mouth condom? Why the hell did I agree to go to a sex therapist? ‘You’re not half as big as Tommy, Rick, but Pam would like you to make up for it orally’!”

  14. dennis

    Dinkage must be down there helping through the vinegar strokes.

  15. “Will all you perverts stop saying ‘Durr I liked you in 300… you had nice tits.’ That’s not a compliment!”

  16. Wait, WTF, this really is not Lara Flynn Boyle?

  17. rican


  18. “And third place in the Stephen Hawking lookalike contest goes to…”

  19. “Hiya, Joe…hiya Mr. Dunahee…”

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