1. LOL who used the warp tool?

  2. Blarf

    His boobs make me sad :’(

  3. I’ll give him this. He hasn’t stopped smiling since the birth of his kid.

  4. MarketingMike

    Can moobs turn into beaver tails?
    I guess so…

  5. anonymous

    Looks like someone got a lot of lipo done.

    • That’s a really great point. It’s the only explanation for any mans boobs to sag like that. I mean how can he have ::some:: definition in his abs but not in his chest. It’s just unnatural.

  6. Taking moobs, to the next level. Well done, Sir. Well done.

  7. Did Simon just get the alien orgasm treatment like in Cocoon?

  8. God damn he’s gross

  9. ManBoobs

    One would think that with a net worth value of over $400mil, he could afford to get those sloppy boobies fixed up… amiright?!

  10. Does he never look at photos of himself shirtless, because he really should. He really needs to wear shirts.

  11. MRF

    His face has a smile, his boobs has a sad.

  12. Vlad

    Just stop it Simon. There’s a lot of things you can do, but the one thing you can’t do, in fact, the one thing ALL men can’t do, is breast feed their child. Now put on a shirt and stop grossing us all out.

  13. Milan

    Why does his dog lead have two handles? Must be one of those YSL designer leads that the rest of us can’t afford or he has four hands…

  14. Phoenix

    He’s wearing an invisible happy helmet and crying on the inside for not using a condom.

  15. “Why are you getting in my shyte? Almost all men knock up their best mate’s bird, don’t they.”

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