1. Is he propping up that club with his dick?

  2. jack

    Bringing back the ‘Lean Back’ move in an attempt to remind people about the last time he was good

  3. “I can really go for an average looking pornstar right now.”

  4. lawn

    “Eat your heart out, Hamm!”

  5. anonymous

    He must have seen some waitresses clocking in for their shift. Lindsey Vonn’s time is coming to an end.

  6. “Yeah, and the 13th hole is deep too.”

  7. “Sure you can. If you lean just bit to the right, you can see the IHOP.”

  8. “I’m Arnold Palmers arch nemesis, Black Tri-pod.”

  9. Judging from Tiger’s golf game, he needs his dick to do more of the swinging.

  10. Mista Snazzy

    “Where da ugly white women at?”

  11. Ahhhh…I saw this on the Golf Channel. This is where Tiger does something unmanly: He pulls out.

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