1. “Lea! Lea Michele! What would you like to say to people who didn’t think you could milk Monteith’s death for all it was worth?”

  2. I’m guessing she was the only one there.

  3. Pauley Shore looks okay in a wig and a blurred lines suit.

  4. Did somebody say “Beetlejuice” 3 times?

  5. MarketingMike

    Looks like somebody just gave her a sugar cube.

  6. She looks like the first frame of a chameleon snatching an insect from a branch, in slo-mo.

  7. Icehawg

    “blah blah Idinila Menizeli bleh big deal”

  8. Mike Tyson is there,,,she’s communicating with Mike you idiots!

  9. Were it not for the age discrepancy, she and Liv Tyler being born in the same hospital the same day would explain a great deal.

  10. If she didn’t have so much makeup on, you would be able to see her 5 o’clock shadow.

  11. dennis

    Here’s the bitch that must have really ended Paula Patton’s marriage. She’s even wearing his Robin’s jacket.

  12. crb

    Solo Album? So this isn’t Van Halen getting back together?

  13. Walter Peck

    I would have OD’d too if I had too look at that every day. Too soon?

  14. Thought it was that ugly comedian Sandra Bernhardt. They’re both fucking ugly.

  15. Frunken

    Not feeling this Beetlejuice sequel.

  16. “Dammit! I hate it when my thi-nuth cavitieth get all thuffed up. It maketh my nothe run and drip down my fathe.”

  17. I eagerly await the revelation that this is the daughter Sandra Bernhard gave up for adoption 28 years ago.

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