1. JM

    Hey Bro, where’s the coin slot on this meter?

  2. “Captain America: The First Hipster Douchebag”

  3. MarketingMike

    It’s pretty bad when you’re stealing bark.

  4. anonymous

    Cap’n Merica needs more soldier serum.

  5. Tree,,,,is that YOU? Yes, this is Tree touch me,,,yes,,,THERE!

  6. Flyer: “Looking for roommate to share expenses. Half utilities, must be clean, no drugs or smoking. Must wear tight fitting Captain America outfit, while singing show tunes. Ask for Putin.”

  7. Still can’t believe they picked this dude to be Captain America, so terrible.

  8. Vlad

    I got you squirrel! Oh, wait, my hand is stuck…if I let go of the squirrel, I lose the quarter it took from me, but if I don’t let it go, my car will get towed. What would Captain America do? Oh wait…

  9. RAWZ

    I actually thought that was Shia LaBeouf for a minute.
    For fucks sake, Evans…get your shit together!!

  10. Phoenix


  11. Bob

    Hey, I know that stretch of Ventura! Captain America and I go to the same weed dispensary!

  12. “Huh.. It says scratch and sniff”

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