1. joe

    I thought Eddie Furlong was in jail.

  2. Dirty Sanchez

    And of course she’s texting while driving. Brilliant.

  3. Profile few looks pretty goddamn Alecky.

  4. When she dresses down, she dresses down. Thick ass glasses and her hair’s in a bun.

  5. ben dover

    Yikes that not pretty is it, again why are people taking pictures of her?

  6. As I’ve been saying all along…

  7. “Drive faster, McFly.”

  8. anonymous

    These two look like their desperate to score a fix.

  9. Drundel

    Honestly, who didn’t the person driving was a guy at first glance?

  10. Does Ireland know Slater is sneaking off with the school librarian?

  11. Little Tongue

    Playing Words With Friends while driving, Ireland?

  12. Wow, she looks like shit, he ain’t looking so hot either.

  13. Aww, she’s got Alec’s second chin!

  14. I checked with the people in charge and it turns out this harsh winter has been caused, not by what some have come to call a ‘polar vortex’, but rather by the monolithic douche chills originating from the name “Slater Trout”.

  15. Vlad

    Siri, why won’t my boyfriend look at me?

    Perhaps it is the glasses.

  16. Walter Peck

    When did Jack Osbourne get his chauffeur license?

  17. coljack

    “Uh, be a dear and drive faster, OK? There’s a guy over here with a gun and a name tag that says ‘Hi, my name is Don Zaloog.’”

  18. “D-e-a-r D-a-d-d-y. H-E-L-P-! I a-m n-o-t s-u-r-e h-o-w t-o s-l-o-w t-h-i-s c-a-r d-o-w-n-, a-n-d S-l-a-t-e-r i-s b-e-i-n-g a s-h-i-t-!”

  19. Is that Kelly or Jack?

  20. “Slater Trout” Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha!

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