1. She’s not half bad with the NCIS cosplay thing.

  2. Joe Blow

    LOL. Ganja has rotted that bitch’s brain.

  3. Yeah we all laugh, and I’m sure she’s laughing, too (although you are laughing at her clothes, while she is laughing at how her clothes cost more than your car).

  4. Weird ass perspective tricks or the horde of little people is coming as prophesied.

  5. anonymous

    Damn even with all those clothes on I can still see one of her stupid tats.

  6. I can’t rag on Rihanna right now. She’s become so considerate recently by covering up her forehead. Now, got to work on hiding the entire stupid ass underboob tattoo.

  7. I thought she was from Barbados???

  8. You can’t do cutesy when we all know you’re secretly fighting the urge to scratch your VD sores.

  9. Phoenix

    Did Chris come back and snap her neck?

  10. Too much apparel. WAYY too much.

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