1. He thought 300 was about how many men his wife took in a single sitting.

  2. jack

    It looks like he was punched above the ears so many times that his skull became indented and pushed his eyes together

  3. Dang, never thought I’d see Mr. Peanut go out without his top hat and monocle . . .

  4. I thought this was a picture of my penis wearing a tie.

  5. This comment section is full of win. Is he playing the humpback in this movie?

  6. MarketingMike

    If the top of my head, was 2″ smaller diameter
    than the bottom of my head, I’d wear a hat.

  7. papaschmurfenstein

    Wow they really screwed the pooch with Photoshop on this one…o wait a minute…

  8. HGH is a hell of a drug.

  9. “I don’t remember all their names. But I can show you where the bodies are buried…..”

  10. He’s a dead ringer for Mr. Potato Head (The Movie).

  11. Tito needs to talk to Barry Bonds about coordinating cranium growth with everything else.

  12. Nick4ca

    The steroids took all the mass out of his formerly huge penis and shifted to his face.

  13. “I hit in head many times! Me no effect feel banana banana!”

  14. He looks smart.

  15. So there will ge gay sex in that movie is what his involvement tells me.

  16. gumbypokey


  17. oldfool

    Mongoloid he was a mongoloid.

  18. At least his clothes match.

  19. coljack

    He looks smart. From the neck down.

  20. He looks suspiciously like the younger brother of Zippy the Pinhead.

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