1. tom

    “Leave me alone, can’t you see Leo is missing me?!”

  2. Giving him a taste of his own medicine, Leo hires an annoying little bitch to fawn over Jonah all day.

  3. I would think Leo’s leftovers would be better looking.

  4. Joe Blow

    “I’m sorry Jonah, but my tits used to be this big until the first time you climbed onto me and did the wild thing. Now look at them. They’re smashed flat. LOOK AT THEM!”

  5. JC

    “So when’s Leo bringing your Oscar over, Jonah? You said you just loaned it to him so he could pretend to be a serious actor like you. It seems like he’s had it long enough. Right, Jonah? Right?’

  6. That is the look of dawning horror – she must have just realized who she was fucking.

  7. Leave him alone lady. Can’t you see he’s depressed? He lost something very important on Sunday. An excuse to hang out with Leo.

  8. jeez looking grotesque

  9. MarketingMike

    If I hung out with Leo and this is all I could pull, I’d kill myself.

  10. “What can I try at this point Jonah?! I tried the Shocker, and I even dressed like a fucking giant Cinnabon!” (begins weeping)


  11. anonymous

    So I guess he has completely given up on the whole weight loss thing?

  12. papaschmurfenstein

    Someone call Chris Hansen. She’s gotta be that kid’s 8th grade teacher.

  13. “All I’m saying is…you can stop masterbating…you’re not preparing for a movie any more. My vah-j works just fine!”

  14. Drundel

    Lena Dunham cut her hair?

  15. ThisWillHurt

    “If you keep calling me Leo, I’m gonna have to start calling you Kevin James with a crew cut.”

  16. “Why did you take your mom to the Oscars intead of me?”

    Looks in mirror.

    “Oh, right.”

  17. “Look…I don’t mind wearing the strap on Jonah, but is it too much for me to ask that you stop calling me Leo?”

  18. “Jonah, look, your career is doing well right now, so if you want me to continue to pretend to date you I am going to need more money, and I mean a whole lot more money, got it?”

  19. JJonahJamieson

    Jonah, you do realize I could do better, a lot better, like that homeless guy we passed.

  20. “All I’m saying is that Leo’s hairstyle wouldn’t look good on me. It’s not gonna happen.”
    *sigh* “Fiiine”

  21. toopier

    You can’t hide behind those sunglasses, Jake from State Farm.

  22. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    “Jonah, I know you’re taking this upcoming Chaz Bono biopic seriously, but even – whatever, does other things besides eat all day.”

  23. I know, I know….but Leo is my…..”Mentor.” We’re not “really” fucking. Ok sweety?

  24. omgdatass

    her dad is one of the biggest restaurant owners in NYC

  25. “But what does Leo have that I don’t have…I mean besides that…???”

  26. “You said you were famous, why do I have to suck his balls?!”

  27. “I’m sorry, Jonah, it’s just, I thought it would be a lot bigger. I mean, it was in the movie…”
    ” *sigh* That was just a prosthetic.”

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