1. ginaraejones

    is that a nipple?

  2. Cock Dr

    She’s always been extraordinarily generous with the nudity.

  3. Euroman

    I wonder how long it took before someone told her her nipple was showing

  4. I love playing peek-a-boob

  5. her nipple reminds me that I haven’t seen the last Resident Evil movie yet.

  6. KayKay

    A Teeeeeeeen-hut! Ready for action! Sir!

  7. My dream girl… Damn… So freaking hot…

  8. That nipple looks cancerous.

  9. The nipple almost distracts from the fact that she’s wearing Courtney Love’s same brand of lipstick.

  10. I’m pretty sure the dress is an homage to Janet Jackson.

  11. It is like that dress was designed to have the nipple be visable right there.

  12. Ten years ago, I would have needed a crate of Kleenex to deal with the aftermath of this.

  13. Go rough young man

    Why can’t jessica Simpson wear things like this?

  14. adolf hitler

    she looks like she has a young girl trapped in a dry well and lowers a basket of lotion down from time to time so the young girl can keep her skin in good condition so it can one day be used as a coat because she is sick and yes this is a runon.

  15. oermens

    this makes up for the 12 monsters that came before. save the best for last.

  16. The Laughing G-D

    Nips to ya!

  17. Mel Gibson's Shrink


  18. pete

    Put this picture in your phone and you can convince people that Milla Jovovich has been sexting you.

  19. carx

    it’s a face! (the nipple, not the place where “words” come out)

  20. That nipple would be awesome if it came attached to a boob…

  21. grobpilot

    Holy shit, Fish!! You finally post a picture with a nipple in it! What, is your mother out for the night, so you feel bold enough to take a chance and give us what we want? Hope she doesn’t see that later on, or she’ll bury a foot up your ass.

    • The Critical Crassness

      Nah, she think he is posting pictures of another guy with his shirt messed up, showing part of his chest.

  22. DKNY

    Resident Nipple

  23. Daemon8666

    Looks like someone pushed Silly Putty on to the cover of Fifth Element.

  24. Mary

    Oh Milla! This really sucks for her. Sher is no Tara Reid. She is absolutely stunning in person. Best face ever.

  25. Mary

    Love how this page screws up your spelling after you post. wft?

  26. Haji

    Look at her face—she knows! She’s just testing the waters,
    seeing how long she can have a nipple out in public before
    someone tells her to put that beastie away.

  27. dinky

    where’s the other one? don’t be shy little buddy, get out there and say hi!

  28. brizo

    I love eraser slips.

  29. cc

    She’s trying to lure in the nipple zombies so she can kill them.

  30. j_bryon

    It’s a multeee – pass.

  31. She’s really been working on those pecs.

  32. It’s been so long since there’s been a nipple on this site, Fish forgot to “work safe” up the image.

    Not that I care, I work with a bunch of porn surfing perves.

  33. basti

    Eastern beauty meets western not-giving-a-fuck-about-shame-and-rational-decisions-all-in-the-name-for-fame-ity; I’ll bet Mr. Gorbachev is praising Ronald Regan for that whole tearing down the wall idea. Dude totally knew the secret to peace and happiness. (Hint: it’s nipples on your 80th birthday)

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