1. Looks like Rocky Dennis got dressed in the dark

    • The Critical Crassness

      He looks more like Rocket J Squirrel of “Rocky and Bullwinkle” .Wellactually that isn’t exactly right…he just looks kind of squirrely!

  2. KayKay

    He just threw up a little in his OWN mouth after noticing a reflection of himself

  3. He called the fire hydrant last night so they could match outfits.

  4. Weird Al is getting younger.

  5. who cares?

    i hate seeing drag queens out of costume. it’s like learning that santa claus isn’t real. and gives grundle rides for 10 piece chicken mcnugget value meals.

    • Knippy

      Why is it every time I read the comments I always have to have urbandictionary open to understand them? You kids and your slang.

  6. Putting on the same stupid face every time he’s photographed, he’s like a modern-day Salvador Dali. Without the artistry. Or humor. Or talent. Or a fan base.

  7. Colin

    Oh no, he and the hydrant wore the same outfit. Now one of them’s gonna have to change.

  8. Colorblind

    Every single object in this picture is either black or grey, except for the turn signals.

  9. Freddy Mercury is alive…and has long hair.

  10. DannyBoy

    Now there is a man who hates life.

  11. Daemon8666

    “Have I marked this one yet?”

  12. Deesus

    Here we see the beginning stages of Bromentia. Douche facial expression? Check. Sunglasses to hide crows feet? Check.

  13. The Critical Crassness

    Why is Katy Perry wearing Russell Brand’s clothes and what happened to her tits?Did she lose them to appease her mother?

  14. theduke

    you’re not fooling anyone, Dr Frank-n-Furter!

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