1. Cock Dr

    Either he’s embarrassed or he needs to get a blood pressure check ASAP.

    • Bucky Barnes

      Viagra sometimes inflates the wrong extremity.. In this case it appears to have affected his chin.

  2. No Magnum….oh lord no.

  3. KayKay

    “Who’s first for the mustache ride?!” *looks down at pants* “Looks like I’M ready”

  4. KayKay

    Late 40s Harry Potter is sporting Redneck tux today

  5. Mandi

    Quigley! My Aunt met him in Las Vegas! He is still a good looking man, one of the few aging well in Hollywood.

  6. He’s the perfect replacement candidate for the Quaker Oats commercials.

  7. Looks like someone just got an anonymous HJ in the washroom.

  8. I guess we can add which side Tom likes to tuck in on to his wikipedia page.

  9. Eli

    Bernie is dead though!

  10. Magnum wears Mom Jeans?

  11. Ruth

    I’d still hit it, ugly jeans and all.

  12. DannyBoy

    That’s ten paces now DRAW varmint!

  13. Charlie's left nut

    Tom’s looking good for an old fart, maybe he could give a few tips to Teri Hatcher

  14. DonDopey

    He’s wearing like three different classes of clothing. He’s also wearing the classiest mustache this side of Burt Reynolds.

  15. Daemon8666

    Looks like one In & Out star is slowly turning into another.

  16. sideshow_bob

    fake mustache?

  17. cc

    Hey, I need to get dressed. There’s only 4 pieces of clothing left in my closet? Ah, wtf, I’ll wear them all.

  18. Sangriatic

    Punky Brewster wants her sunglasses back!

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