1. Cock Dr

    May I suggest a turtleneck sweater for your next public appearance?

  2. Suddenly I’m hungry for turkey.

  3. Bucky Barnes

    She’s as old as Olivia Munn and Teri Hatcher combined and she still looks better than they do with an “Oh my god, what IS that midget DOING under my dress?” expression on her face.

  4. H6E6X6


  5. it sucks that a shark bit off most of her arm, glad she is ok though.

  6. Move! The Dilophosaurus is preparing for attack!

  7. You know you’ve made it when your neck is replaced by a prop from the set of Alien.

  8. You can’t see it, but the subtitle of that book is “1741-present”

  9. Colin

    What is this album? When Velociraptors Attack: LA?

  10. Feetsthss

    Good to see they’re rebooting Tales From The Crypt, but shouldn’t they update the puppet too?

  11. Susan Lucci signing copies of “All My Life: A Memoir, Volume1 of 6000″.

  12. pete

    I think her arms are just about done. See how easily the meat falls away from the bone?

    • The Critical Crassness

      Pete, call your optometrist and get your eyes checked, she is buff enough to beat your ass and Teri Hatcher’s, too. Which is probably the source of your confusion, this is Susan Lucci!

  13. cc

    Jesus that kudzu around her neck must be uncomfortable.

  14. DonDopey

    Her book is called “How to Age Terribly and Grow Madonna Arms”

  15. Daemon8666

    How’d they talk that giraffe into a dress?

  16. Mary

    Ummm she looks better than tsome of the chicks on here half her age! Not many old women can smile like that and look 100 times better than Terri Hatcher. Basically, that is your Grandma….but attractive.

  17. Her body looks like it’s struggling to hold her head up.

  18. Sangriatic

    Madonna looks good as a brunette.

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