1. She’s channeling the spirit of Jessica Simpson (i.e. she’s farting)

  2. KayKay

    Who at who’s show?

  3. Hemingway


    She looks a lot better than she did in those bikini photos. Still not “Girl Next Door” hot, but whatever.

  4. Zack

    Isn’t this the Blair chick from “Fats of Life”.

  5. For being a guest on our show Elisha, you’re going home with an actual movie role!

  6. “I don’t know, when WAS the last time I was in a movie?”

  7. adolf hitler

    id like to cush her bert

  8. “The Girl Next Door”…to Dairy Queen.

  9. She is making the ASL sign for “I need to pee”. Not a joke.

  10. So, how is it – does she have a hot switch, or what?


    Holy Botox Batman!

  12. DonDopey

    Ah yes the daily “someone Shatnered their pants” picture.

  13. Daemon8666

    When you’re sittin’ on your ass, and that fart wasn’t just gas…

  14. The Critical Crassness

    Elisha Cuthbert demonstrates the face she made, immediately after kissing Keifer Sutherland.

  15. cc

    Hockey players must have high calorie semen.

  16. desx

    when did Kim Bauer turn into Sally Struthers? More importantly does this mean Archie and Jack are going to rumble?

  17. SimSnow

    Goddamn her eyebrows look like Piston Honda’s about to throw a punch.

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