1. Jill

    I sure hope she’s ok.. you know, after the attack of whatever the fuck tore up her pants like that.

  2. Bucky Barnes

    She looks like she just failed the field sobriety test from Hell… or is about to.

  3. I’ve seen chicks wear out the knees of their pants before…but whatever did this must have set some kind of record.

  4. KayKay

    Shenae Grimes is Grimey lol

  5. Satan's bitch


  6. Elle

    Shes thinking “oh good the paparazzi, I am relevant!” P.S. You’re not.

  7. Drunk driving is finally cool again! And after Lindsay almost ruined it for everyone.

  8. Colin

    My pants? Oh I think I just got raped, but fuck off, I’m busy. *bats at keys like a cat*

  9. tito

    this is what she gets for hanging out with the dude from american pie.

  10. pete

    And that’s why you should never camp in bear country when you’re having your period.

  11. sc4play

    Classy! Bitch need to buy some new britches! Them ones got holes!

  12. Finally, a pair of pants that give us a shot at an upskirt.

  13. I’m afraid to find out how much that ridiculous pair of pants cost…

  14. Dude, moths have gone berserk on that shit!


    There is a reason why you missed this one…who?

  16. Daemon8666

    The answer to the question, “What talentless Autotuner will Taylor Momsen be fisting next?”

  17. Hairybuddha

    Hairybuddha wonders why she has a ginormous right hand.

  18. The Critical Crassness

    I’d love to see the size of moth that lives in her closet!

  19. cc

    They are making a sequel to the Green Lantern called the Blue Lantern? Starring some chick no one’s heard of?

  20. Slaps

    She’s got man hands.

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