1. Bucky Barnes

    Revenge of the Lizard Queen!

  2. KayKay

    Deer in the headlights

  3. Keith

    Mom shorts.

  4. Maeby

    whoa those are pointy

  5. H6E6X6

    So the paparazzi are stalking homeless people now? Seems kinda low

  6. Kaywoodie Sucker


  7. Lou Diamond Phillips needs to eat a sandwich.

  8. who cares?

    can we stop with all the ‘planet of the apes’ remakes now, please?

  9. Geez. What a difference viewing by 5 degrees off angle makes… Straight on? Hideous!!

  10. Any Guy

    I can’t believe her show got canceled! oh wait, I totally can.

  11. ah good. they are filming season four of V already.

  12. eyes that say target lock-on confirmed. left headlite says give it ur best twister

  13. JC

    So Chaeau Marmont is a soup kitchen?

  14. KWDragon

    I thought Photoshop was supposed to be used to improve how the stars look in pictures, not to put Olivia’s head on Lindsay’s anorexic body with last season’s sweater trend.

  15. The Laughing G-D

    Is this even a her? It looks like someone photoshopped her head onto someone else’s body.

  16. hmna

    Her head is two sizes too big.

  17. Here’s the pre-Lobotomy pic.

  18. The Critical Crassness

    Here’s Olivia Munn, still drunk from her morning TV appearance earlier this week!

  19. cc

    Those nipples need some serious tweaking.

  20. She looks just as surprised as I am that she’s even relevant enough to photograph.

    Not to mention the perkiness of her boobs seems to be greatly exaggerated.

  21. argleblargle

    She looks like a gerbil.

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