1. Cock Dr

    If you can somehow get the gays to love you you’ll always be able to sell them shit.

  2. Bucky Barnes

    Looks like Paris has found a replacement for Tinkerbell and this one can even clean up his own feces… more or less.

  3. he just had his first spritz of her new cologne “Skänqüe”

  4. I’m setting the over/under on combined filmed blowjobs between these two at 140.

  5. Go rough young man

    Dude got smaller feet than Paris.

  6. Well at least they have a common interest in shoes.

  7. Fruity and The Beast.

  8. hello

    He can’t be a wetback if he’s in Mexico City.

  9. KWDragon

    I know this is neither crisp nor clever, but it has to be said: WTF is going on in this picture?!?

  10. The Winchester

    Wow, his ass looks better in those pants than hers ever will.

  11. Ash Bones

    Come on Mexico do your thing, talk about a good candidate for a kidnapping and a nice ransom!!

  12. Stamos Fan

    HAHAHA, It’s Hump. Day, and there’s a gay Mexican humping Paris’ leg like he’s a chihuahua! HAHAHAHA!

  13. MJJ

    Is that fuzzy hair Paris’ leg??? Gross…

  14. Tyler

    The red heels were the only thing preventing the herpes from switching hosts.

  15. The Critical Crassness

    What do you get when you put two bigots together? A Paris Hilton ventriloquism act

  16. Oz Matters

    Oh look, he has a Paris Hilton bag … with a Paris Hilton bag.

  17. I guess he won Employee of the Month at the Hilton Mexico City Reforma?

  18. I guess we’ll see Perez Hilton wearing those next.

  19. Not really a big fan of this daily “The Crap We Missed” segment. I don’t mind the occasional “And Other News…” because they can lead to some really funny stuff. “The Crap” is basically what it is… Crap.

    Please reconsider.

  20. stev0dd

    Now we know where Jimmy Fallon is during the day…

  21. snidecomment

    Why is Johan Santana hanging out with Paris Hilton? Yet another Mets embarassment…

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