1. “Just look at that ass ladies and gentlemen! When she first came to me she had an ass like two pieces of french toast. I simply used this disturbingly long syringe to remove fat from her stomach and inject it into her buttox. And now look! Round and tight and firm enough to hold this buttplug I’m about to insert into her! Ladies, wouldnt you like an ass like that? Guys, wouldnt you like your ladies to have an ass like that? Guys, wouldnt even some of you like to have an ass like that? Step right up and fill out a form, nurses are standing by!”

  2. Inner Retard

    I take fat out of her ass and inject it into her cheeks. It will give her a flat ass and a moon pie face… and they actually want that.

  3. HardyHarHar

    Too late:(

  4. Damn, they don’t even do this in a hospital anymore? Alright, where do I sign.

  5. This guy must be hard up for business.

  6. He truly is the Criss Angel of plastic surgery.

  7. “I take the fat right from there, and then I make ass candles. For my house.”

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